3 Huge Factors To Think about before Hiring your Wedding Photographer or Videographer


In case you're wondering where I work, I'm a Welsh Wedding and documentary photographer working across South Wales, the UK and Internationally, there are no limits! 

Here's my '3 Huge Factors' you should think about before hiring anyone, if it turns out to be me, awesome, if not no worries.


The Work

This is the easy bit, have a look through and find a photographer / videographer who's style you love. I use my years of experience as a professional editorial and documentary photographer and film maker to develop my own signature feel. It's my personal look that I've developed over 15 years of making work. My alternative and gritty documentary style is loved by my clients but it is not for everyone. That's totally cool though, there are are plenty of more traditional photographers around who you might be better suited to. Take a look at the gallery and see for yourself.


The Person

Do you want someone shouting ' Say cheese' and being a little bossy boots waving a camera around thinking they're important? Obviously not right? Cool, you passed the first question. Seriously though this bit is a little bit trickier to figure out when looking at a computer screen. It's way easier to do this bit by hanging out, which is why I suggest doing exactly that. I meet up with everyone interested in booking and feel it's important to make sure we all click.  Hold your horses there buddy, I hear you say. We're still on part 2. So you get a bit of an idea of what I'm all about, here goes. When not playing in Punkrocks bands, surfing, playing Ice hockey, sampling spiced rum or running with our famously naughty Spaniel 'Coco' I am working as a passionate photographer and filmmaker. Work and passion projects overlap into the same thing and I feel super lucky to have a job that I love. Weddings are my favourite and I make a massive effort with everyone I work with before the big day.

I'm also really grateful to have been awarded a scholarship to gain my Ma in Documentary Photography at Falmouth University, the UK's number 1 Arts University ( it's distance based I'm in South Wales and the South West mainly, they mention it on every single email to me so I feel I should pop that in for them lol!) It means I have really limited availability and it's really important that I click with you guys, as well as you click with me too.

My main goal is for you to feel like your friend is with you on the day and not a photographer (although I'll be both, you get what I mean). Look at the reviews and see what other people have said but most importantly: come say hi. I recommend we hang out, talk about your big day and you can make your own mind up with some time. You should do this with whoever you book.

The Investment

Ok I know what you're thinking; 'investment' why don't you just say price? Well that's because I really think you should look at it like an investment. I have a guide to pricing over here. I do this because there's nothing worse than getting really excited about hiring a photographer and not knowing if you need to be a millionaire to afford them. Being a wedding photographer is a really expensive job to do. Aside from painfully expensive cameras and lens' including spares (which is something you should check with whoever you book). There are a million and one things that cost a lot in order for us to do our jobs, not just professionally but also reliably. I'll be posting a guide to this sometime soon. So if you love the work, and love how I work, check out the packages and see if it works out with your budget. They are guide prices and I can offer slight discounts on really different venues or themes. It's always best to get in touch so we can have a chat.