Seeking inspiration in the city

Not just wedding photography

Being a photographer has it's ups and downs. I have to say that there are definitely more ups than downs. To me Photography is a relationship, and as corny as that sounds it is. You put years and years of your time into it, and most of the time your both skipping merrily around enjoying the time you spend together. You look back on past times you've had, and to the future times. You also think about if this is something you want to carry on doing, and even when you can't explain articulately why, you just know you will be together for the rest of your life. You do also have less fun times. This for me was just after graduating from Falmouth University. I had spent 3 years studying a lot of theory and parts of photography I never saw myself doing before hand. My younger, adventurous self would have been overwhelmed with joy to get his hands on a 35mm camera loaded with Ilford Hp5 (Black and White film). I'd eagerly wait for the darkroom to open, hoping to be the first in, and fiendishly spend hours developing and printing. I remember being so excited and enthusiastic. Every now and again I'd be a little lazy with my personal photography. I always remember speaking to a tutor from Uni and she said to me, "Do you have a dog?", "Yeah?" I replied kinda awkwardly not knowing where this was going. "Do you ever just take your dog out to clear your mind?" "Yeah" I replied. "So take your camera instead". I did, and now I love it. I always take my camera for a walk.  This is what I did yesterday with Becky. Im proud to live in Cardiff i think it's an awesome city buzzing with diversity and culture. This weekend is going to be crazy with the Wales England Rugby game. So I went out before hand to clear my head and look at the city I love so much before the big day. I'll prob have the game on whilst im editing up the latest weddings. 


Chris : ) x x x