Do You Believe Bridal Styled Shoot

I was lucky enough to hang out with two amazing wedding vendors who were an absolute dream to work with. They are Helen of Do You Believe Bridal boutique, and Jenna Macdonell; an award winning hair and makeup artist based in Newport.

Creative Wedding Photogrpahy Cardiff South Wales

After meeting up in the morning at Jenna's studio in Newport, the rain had just about stopped but it was still wet and my plans for a shoot and all the locations I had previously scouted out had all gone out the window. Still we had bacon sandwiches and a cup of tea whilst we came up with an alternative. Luckily I have a friend who runs a music studio not far away and I managed to make a call and found a new location. It was worth a shot, I thought I was going to be shooting bridal models in a big open natural space like the woods or on the hills, but instead we found ourselves in a music recording studio. 


Helen and Jenna has arranged the models , Scarlett, who's actually Helen's daughter, and Sara; a previous bride and friend. We all waited at the shop until everyone's makeup was ready and then headed off to the music studio for the first shoot, and then to Do You Believe Bridal for the second. 

If you need a dress or to sort out hair and makeup these guys are great.  So freindly and fun to be around too. 


Thanks for reading,


Chris :) xxx