New Year Wedding Photography Offer

Happy New Year Everyone I hope we’re all having a great start to 2019 and I’m really excited to hear all about everyones’ big wedding plans. 2018 was a great year for me, I shot loads of cool new venues, shot a destination wedding, and I finished my Masters in Documentary Photography, and had an awesome time with all the couples that chose me to capture all those amazing moments with either photography and or videography.

A little help for those brides and grooms yet to book their wedding photographer

A little help for those brides and grooms yet to book their wedding photographer

As it’s the New Year I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone and I’m running a little offer to help those of you planning a wedding that have not yet booked your wedding photographer or videographer.

Cool beans what’s this offer…

Well, I am offering £200 off any videography package added to a photography one, and £100 off wedding albums.

Sounds too good whats the catch (brutally honest answer coming) ?

It’s no surprise that any local artist needs to advertise and these days thats with facebook and google etc. Running facebook and google ad’s is annoying and not really what makes me jump out of bed in the morning. I was busier than ever last year completing my Ma at the same time. I was even working on Xmas eve!

We’re all feeling the pinch after Xmas and I wanted to give some couples the chance to book their photographer and have one less thing to worry about. Plus, I don’t have time to run ads and do all that annoying marketing stuff, I’m busy editing away like a little beaver behind my computer in the man cave, (I like to do it all myself a lot of other wedding photographers outsource editing to places like India and China for a lot less).

So that’s it pretty much , I’m busy editing and I get fed up looking at ad’s and data. I would rather be editing, shooting work or even having a date night with my lovely wife. She definitely needs more date nights, being married to a wedding photographer / art photographer is not easy with me being away so much.

So if you think I am the type of person you’d like to hire on the day come and say hi. Hit the button below and leave me a little message about your day. Please have a little read about what I’m all about.

Thanks guys

Chris : ) x