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A super busy week- sneak peek at Indie Wedding Fair and almost at Cwtch Fest

Being a wedding photographer is amazing you get to hang out with cool people and capture some of the most special moments that that they'll ever have with each other. Doing all of this whilst using cameras to carefully produce a finished piece of art that documents the day, knowing that every time that couple sees it they'll be reminded of the awesome party they had to celebrate being together, that my friends is an awesome feeling to have.

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Photography and Videography together, why didn't I do this before !

So January has almost come to an end and I have been flat out. I am trying my very best to update the blog and it's proving to be just as tricky as I thought it would. I'm trying my best to be myself on here too and it's taking a little courage, as most other wedding photography blogs i've read seem to be very strictly wedding photography. I want to share a bit of me as a person on here so that you can get know me like my friends do. Really you want your photographer to basically be like having one of your friends there with you on the day.  I've talked about some of the other art/photography projects that I am involved with on the website and I've been pretty busy this month

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