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If you would like to have your day captured by someone whose whole life revolves around image making, you're in the right place. I love shooting weddings and try to be a bit different. When I'm not shooting weddings I'm either surfing, playing guitar, working on documentary projects or playing with Coco our naughty spaniel. I'm based near Cardiff with my wife and I work all over the UK, Europe and North America.

I love my job and that's why everyone I work with feels like their friend is with them. It's really important to have the right person with you on the day. It's not all about taking pictures, it's about making everything click into place, being much more than a photographer. You need to choose what's right for you and be on the same page as your wedding photographer. You have to be in love with their work. More importantly, you need to connect with them. I'm not just your wedding photographer, I'm your friend with a camera.  Drop me a quick message via the contact form below and let's hang out.

Chris : )

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I do not do marketing lists or group emails. I will send you a quick email to say if i'm free and to send some extra info and links. A good old fashioned chat is always best but I'll go into that in the email.