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Your Privacy GDPR

This is literally the least exciting thing on my website. It is really boring but the gist of it is about how I don't collect reels and reels of data and sell it to a million and one advertisers. I legally have to have a policy on here to give you all the heads up.


My website uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised data to third party applications like Google Analytics. I need to see what part of the world people are coming to me from, all of it is anonymous but it helps me work out how to reach awesome couples like yourself in different places. 

As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. You can also check out this link with some more info - About Cookies website which is pretty helpful.




Any downloadable documents, files or media made available on this website are provided to users at their own risk. That sounds scary but in reality it’s nothing new. Most people know not to open dodgy emails from unknown senders with links or attachments that will make your computer brick up and die ( remember the 90’s it was like every week for me lol).


 So while all precautions have been undertaken to ensure only genuine downloads are available users are advised to verify their authenticity using third-party anti-virus software or similar applications. I use a gallery website thats included in here and thats all GDPR compliant and also safe. 

I accept no responsibility for third party downloads and downloads provided by external third-party websites and advise users to verify their authenticity using third-party anti-virus software or similar application. So for example; I have a blog post up with links to other amazing wedding suppliers like hair and make up or wedding dresses. Say you go to their site and they have loads of weird ads or links that you click on and end up with a virus or something on your computer that’s not my fault. It’s common sense really, everything on the internet is linked with everything else, it’s weird we have to include that on a privacy policy. Still awake ? Moving on…




If you  contact me through this website, you do so at your own discretion . Because my crystal ball is not the best, I need to know some personal details, like who you are (name) and your wedding date (obviously) and telephone number to speak to like humans used to do all the time! You understand you are giving me personal info and that I will not share it with anyone. It will only be me and my wife Becky (who handles enquires for me when I’m out shooting, and on very rare occasions a second shooter who is assisting me at a wedding.

Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use. So it’s online in my email and on my studio software Tave, both of which are GDPR compliant and password protected.


I don’t use it for anything else other than to do my job. I will not start a double glazing business and start emailing you with random offers. 



I have official profiles on social media platforms and I use them to deliver services that couples book with me. Like online galleries shared published through Shootproof (which is also GDPR compliant). I advise you all to verify authenticity of such profiles before engaging with, or sharing information with such profiles. Basically this means if some scammer wants to chat to brides and grooms about wedding stuff and made a fake profile that looked just like my fb page or twitter or whatever and tries talking to you, have a look and make sure it’s legit ( I can’t see it ever happening but this is the GDPR so we need to include it. Those eyes are getting heavy right! Snap out of it stay awake for the riveting end of this privacy policy!  ( your doing great were almost through it). 

I will never ask for user passwords or personal details on social media platforms. Just use common sense like we all have been doing before the GDPR became enforced. 

Sometimes my website features social sharing buttons, which help share web content directly from web pages to the respective social media platforms. If you use social sharing buttons then accept that doing so may publish content to your social media profile feed or page (like the internet has done forever…).


Display of Images

So like I have said to all my clients before the exciting GDPR came into force I will use your images to show people what I do under the GDPR this is called ‘legitimate interest’ . You wouldn’t hire me if i just showed you a blank piece of paper and said, 'I cant show you anything but trust me I’m good. Take a chance, Columbus did.'  I do it the old fashioned (ish) way. I put my work on my website, let people look, and if they like it they contact me. It’s also classified as art and protected from certain parts of the GDPR. What you need to know is that images can contain sensitive data like, metadata and gps coordinates and aside from that if displayed next to a blog post with your names that could also be sensitive information. I strip everything out of the images so that there is no sensitive information out there ( except your names, but I can make new ones up if you don’t want them in there.

Bear in mind...

Bare in mind your names are legally registered on the wedding certificate at the registrars and everyone at your wedding taking images on their smart phones will have tons more personal info in them than any of mine. You understand that by hiring me as a fine art documentary photographer I intend to use your images to display to show case my art and allow me to carry on being a photographer.


Display may include my website, blog, social media, wedding blogs and wedding photography related websites, any places that are not my blog I’ll ask you for separate permission. Keep in mind that some of my services are delivered via the web so that means they have to be public. Like on the day edits.


In Summary 

I collect data to do my job and I don't spam you with emails for other stuff nor do I sell it or share it with other people. This includes:




wedding details 

I use the the following services to do my job all of which are GDPR compliant:

squarespace website building


shoot proof



I also have GDPR compliant security on passwords for 

hard drives

web services

phones ( to access websites like drop box or tave)



Desktop computers

If you need to speak to me about anything regarding your privacy then you can do so by emailing me at

or call me on 



Congratulations you made it !  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  !