South Wales Wedding Videographers

How I became a wedding photographer and videographer...

Not only am I a Welsh Wedding photographer, I'm proud to say that I'm a wedding videographer too. Photography has been my entire life since I was 15 and it was a natural progression for me to start working with moving images and video. I've been making films for over 10 years and it's a massive part of who I am as an artist. I shot my first wedding film in 2014 and have shot many, many more since. Originally all my video work was under a different website. It was a lot of effort running two separate brands for photography and video and now I put it all under Christopher Paul Wedding Photography and Videography. 

Here’s a handful of wedding films below , if you drop me a message I can send links to others that might be similar to your wedding.

Indie Wedding Films

What are Indie Wedding Films?

Indie Wedding Films are videography packages that tell the story of your wedding day. I take my years off film making ec Capturing all the action from the bride and groom, the wedding guests having a blast right the way through to the party. It’s the entire day covered then carefully edited together. The main difference between this package and the Cinema is audio, if your after the ceremony and speeches audio being captured then that would be the Cinema package you would need.


Indie Wedding Film Package

  • Starting from £1200

  • small teaser video also included

Why clients choose the Indie Film package?

My creative clients, the ones working in art media illustration and those industries tend to prefer the videography packages when booking me for photography as well. I offer the two packages to give people some options. The Indie film captures the whole feeling of the day with those golden rays filtering through the trees washing over those happy faces celebrating two lovers tying the knot. It’s something to look back on as you grow old together and relive all of those epic moments of joy from your wedding.

Cinema Wedding Films

What do I get extra with the Cinema Wedding Film package?

  • The Cinema Wedding film package includes the audio for the ceremony

  • They include the audio from the speeches

  • You get a longer film including parts of the ceremony and separate speeches video

  • You still get the Indie film as well as your longer edit

The Cinema Wedding Film’s can be ;longer than the Indie Wedding Films, here is the speeches section from a Cinema Film from a Cardiff Castle Wedding Videography package.

Save big when booking Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography together

I spent a long time developing the way that I work and thinking about the best possible way for me to do both before shooting double packages. I've started offering them at the end of last year and they've been a  great success.  I realised that I can reduce my prices for people who hire me for both and it can save them money whilst covering my time and expenses. It's a win win. 

Most importantly I want everyone to think of me as photographer and a film maker in my own right. I'm not one more than the other. 

Benefits of having a photography and videography package ...

Having both images edited in a similar way using my years of experience in both film making and photography makes them a styled set, they work well together and have a similar look and aesthetic. Different artists have different work flows and sometimes it's possible to have two amazing artists and when you put the work together it can look mismatched or just not feel right. Obviously this isn't the end of the world at all, but having the photography and film mixed together can be nice especially when you place images within the film.

You can find out more about the packages and prices here.