Welsh Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Why am I a Wedding Photographer and Videographer?

In short, because I love it. I've worked in a variety of professional photography jobs, but none of them carry the same feeling of job satisfaction. Knowing how hard I work photographing or filming your wedding, and how much it will be appreciated is unlike any other project. It's deeply personal and the satisfaction is just awesome. There is no other feeling like it when I see brides and grooms feeling emotional looking through the photographs and films of their wedding day that I worked so hard to make for them.

I'm a storyteller and I love capturing all the smiles, the laughter and every little detail of emotion to tell the story of your beautiful wedding day. I love being a part of it so it hardly feels like a job. It's what makes me excited to pick up my camera, it's my thing for sure.

My Style 

I like to use my experience as a professional documentary and editorial photographer and film maker to create work that captures the essence of the day in an informal but powerful way. Capturing what is unfolding in front of me, I like to create images that scream beauty and emotion and will make you teary looking back on them together in the years to come.

My Approach

Your wedding day should be about you, nothing else. I like to keep out of the way and document the day as it unfolds. I do suggest a few ideas of getting a handful of powerful images involving only the couple. After all it's such a unique and personal day everybody is going to be different. I'd love to chat about any ideas you have and come up with and make a really cool plan with both of you. There's no one size fits all and I love to geek out with everyone and really get into making the most meaningful and precious images for you.

Free Engagement Shoot...

I offer free engagement shoots, they are a good opportunity to have a catch up and talk about your wedding day. I'll bring along my camera and we can chat about how I work, any ideas you may have and take a few images. They're all completely free and it's a perfect way for us to hang out and spend some time together before the big day. Below is a link to the package information for photography and videography.