I just wanted to say (again)....


To my newly wed Brides and Grooms, thank you again so much for choosing me to be with you on your wedding day.  It means a lot to me and as you know your not clients to me your much much more than that. I always like to check in with everyone after they've seen everything and this page is meant to be a helpful link so that you can share your videos with friends and family. 

To the friends and family of the lucky brides and grooms; thank you for all the laughs the banter the dancing and all the emotional moments that make each wedding day as special as they are. I always love chatting to you all and it really makes my job even more amazing having a blast with you all like I do. As you can tell from my work I only work with couples who I love and I treat everyone I work with like family. That's why most of my weddings come from referrals. I'm due to put my prices up soon but just mention if we met at a wedding I've already shot and I'll see what I can work out. 

Your'e all awesome ! 

Thanks again, 


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