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This year's gone so fast and winter is rapidly approaching. We are now in my favourite season of them all. Autumn (or fall as our American friends would say). I don't know if you’ve heard (light sarcasm) but I offer free engagement shoots with all my packages. I think it’s a great way to spend some time with couples so that they feel super comfortable with me and the camera. I aim to have them feel like their friend is with them. As most weddings are in the summer, I normally shoot these engagement shoots over the Spring or Autumn. This year, I wanted to shoot more in the Autumn.


South Wales and the Wild South West 

I’m going to be busy planning and shooting engagement shoots in Cardiff, South Wales, Bristol, and the South West. I love South Wales, it is also cool to get out into the South West and see some new places. I also feel like the South West is my second home, probably because I lived and worked on a farm in Polzeath before heading to Uni in Falmouth. I’ve just booked a few more weddings in the South West and one that stands out is at Trevenna. If you haven't been or seen it and you're looking for a South West venue, then you have to check it out, it’s amazing. I’m planning a mini surf break just after that wedding next year, it’s going to be rad! That’s another perk to being a wedding photographer and working all over the UK, I treat it like a mini adventure. 

Sneaky peak at Beth and Daffydd’s engagement


The next few weeks are going to be pretty fun with the upcoming engagement shoots. There’s actually a fair bit of work that goes into an engagement shoot. I’ll normally have a few scout days to look for new locations, I’ll ask the couple if there is anywhere special or significant to them and then I’ll work around that. Below are a few sneaky pics form Beth and Dafydd engagement shoot in Tredegar. I’m still editing them and it’s just a quick look. They live 5 mins away and it’s where the beginning of the journey started. Driving up it was really beautiful, I don’t get up that way too often but the drive was lush. Epic valleys and dramatic skies, through winding roads. I’ll definitely be heading back up there soon. 

Cardiff_an_Bristol_ wedding_photography

My own wedding news and the hunt for the suit. 

Grooms Suit

I always say that it’s really important to anyone who’s hiring a wedding photographer to get to know them a bit. After all you wouldn't invite people you don't like to your wedding. So it's important to extend that to the people you hire to document it for you. So I thought I’d update you on our wedding plans.

Due to the constant editing and preparing to go back to do a Masters, I’ve actually been really rubbish at planning my own wedding. Becky is pretty much the boss and is on it with most things but the one thing I really have to do is sort out my suit! You’d think that as a wedding photographer, it would be no problem, I would have seen tons of suits and I could easily find the one I want. Wrong.


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I really don't know what I want, I sent Becky a link to the suits that Harry and Lloyd wear in Dumb and Dumber with the text ‘I’ve narrowed it down to two, which one….’ but I didn't get a positive response to it (I was joking don't worry). I think I want a casual, vintage suit? If that’s possible? The strongest contender so far was a suit I saw a guest wear at Sylen Lakes Fisheries. He told me it was from Next but I couldn’t find it. 

I'm going to try and use pinterest, Becky is constantly on there and I do use it a bit to show some work but I've never had much luck using it personally. Maybe you can help me out and add pins to it, the board is here

I'll try and have another post up from the engagement shoots I'm hoping to do over the next few weeks/ Follow me on instagram, and twitter. Thanks again for stopping by. 

Chris : ) 


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