Rezzanne and Joe's Cardiff Castle Wedding Teaser

Having a wicked time at today’s wedding at Cardiff Castle. What a day it’s been already. I’ve been hanging out with Joe and Rezanne this morning where both parties have been so chilled out in the run up to the ceremony it’s been such a special day. I can’t wait for the evening now when everyone lets their hair down getting merry and throwing shapes on the dance floor it’s going to be awesome.

Cardiff Castle Wedding Photos


This has been my first wedding at the Undercroft at Cardiff Castle and I’ve been blown away with the amount of history everywhere. It dates back to like the 1600’s or even more I’m told. I always put up a few images for a preview on the day and I’ll put a couple more up on the gallery which you can check out over here.

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To get updates on when the full set is up. I can’t wait to tuck into my food now and then get ready for the speeches.


Chris : )