Sally and Crissie's Coed Yr Mwstwr Wedding Teaser

South Wales Wedding Photos

The Heat the sun the magnificent summer refuses to quit, it might rain it might not but nobody cares. I’m here at Coed Yr Mwstwr having a blast with Sally and Crissie. They are getting married at an old favourite wedding venue of mine and I can’t wait to see the party in.

Here’s a few images from Sally and Chris’s teaser, follow the link to see the rest. ) : x


A lot of the posts lately have been quick little snippets I put up whilst stuffing my face full of delicious food on wedding days, mostly here in South Wales. But I will actually have some more in depth posts going up along with DRUM ROLL …. vlogs. Yes you heard it right I am going to be doing wedding photographer things ( just chatting being me) on a blog because it's way easier than typing (being dyslexic). I cannot wait for the rest of today to happen and capture all the shapes and manoeuvres on the dance floor later. 



Coed Yr Mwstwr Wedding Photo