Hola Barcelona ! Free couples shoot on Wed 9th May !

This year is flying by already, I can’t believe May is here! As usual it’s been super busy at this time of year, we've met some really cool couples at Cwtchfest and The Big Welsh Wedding Show at Depot in the last two weeks and have been catching up with everyone since.  I'm very close to a deadline for my Masters ( I cannot wait to be handed in and finished !), meaning I've been locked away in the office doing lots of research and written work.  I’ll be glad once it’s all handed in on Monday. because then I get to go to.........


An epic engagement shoot in Brecon

An epic engagement shoot in Brecon

I've got a couples shoot there along with some other documentary work I have to shoot. Becky is so jealous, but she'll be holding down the fort here (Don’t worry Coco will be keeping an eye on her).

Which brings me onto my next point....

I am offering a free couples - engagement shoot for two couples on Wed 9th May in Barcelona!

I figured, I'm already out there, why not shoot some awesome couples in a cool different place? It's obviously last minute ( the joys of documentary work lol) but if anyone would like to hang out and have a couples / engagement shoot just drop me a facebook message or email. 

I can’t wait to get back to one of the coolest cities we’ve visited I love Barcelona, I get really enthusiastic about speaking Spanish (which Becky thinks is hilarious because I use a German accent - can’t quite get the ‘j’ sound (she’s a pro being a scouser)).  I’m over there to do a couples shoot, I have some really fun ideas in mind and can’t wait to see how it pans out.  All the incredible architecture will make for some interesting back drops!

Whilst I’m there I’m offering a FREE couples/engagement shoot, it seems silly not to make the most of such a vibrant, beautiful city!  So if any of our couples happen to be there, or you know of friends or family who live there or would be interested - give us a shout, I’d love to hear from you!

That’s not the last of my travels this month!  In just a few weeks I’ll be making my way to Croatia (Becky is green with envy by now), this wedding has been in the pipeline for just over a year and the amazing couple have got an awesome day planned.  I’m always eager to shoot weddings abroad as I love to travel, taking your photographer with you has it’s advantages.  As well as being able to meet up and get to know you before your big day, you also benefit from a free engagement shoot which comes with all of my packages, regardless of location.  It’s one thing you know exactly what you’re getting.  While I’m sure photographers that hoteliers and travel agents supply could be brilliant, we’ve heard some interesting stories and this way you’ve chosen someone you like, who’s work you love! Its a win win for everyone and doesn’t always cost the earth. 

But first… We’re photographing the lovely Meghan and Nick’s wedding at Bryngarw House this weekend.  I love shooting this venue, it’s set in beautiful grounds and the staff are really friendly and take excellent care of the couple and vendors.  Watch this space for an on the day edit of their Big day!

Barcelona shot on one of my Holga film cameras

Barcelona shot on one of my Holga film cameras