Richard and Kelly's Cardiff Castle Wedding Preview

Nothing is stopping the laughter smiling and good vibes at today’s Cardiff Castle with Richard and Kelly. We’re in the heart of Wales’s capital and the feel good feeling is beaming through with everyone having an amazing time. It’s my second Cardiff Castle Wedding in as many weeks and it’s amazing to see how different and unique each one can be. It’s also nice to have some rich history around whilst making your own history tying the knot. The rain is part of wales much like the castle and nobody cares ( which is handy when your in Wales lol ) .I always put up a handful of images on the online gallery for friends and family who might not have been able to come and it’s also really nice for the evening guests to see a bit of the day ( although today everyone is here from the beginning.)

Cardiff Castle Wedding


Here’s one of my favourites, check out the link below to see the full preview from today and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get update on when the rest are ready.