I'm getting married ! A Wedding Photographers Proposal

I asked Becky and she (very kindly) said yes. I've been thinking about it for a while and we've both talked about it. Initially I was thinking we're together forever so marriage isn't really a must. Becky being a bit more traditional and with her parents being married, has always liked the idea of marriage and I guess a lot of girls think about it growing up. So we didn't really have the same thoughts on it, but after after a while we both ended up on the same page (being it's not really necessary). Then I thought; it would be pretty rad to have a massive party with our friends and family, and after seeing so many awesome weddings and fun times I just thought; I wanna get married now. With that attitude what better time to propose, she'll never see it coming. I decided on the Monday and it had all happened by Saturday .

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