South Wales Wedding Planning Tips - 3 Reasons Why Cwtchfest is Great!

I had a great time at Cwtchfest earlier this year and we've meet a bunch of awesome brides and grooms who have booked me as their wedding photographer from venues in wales and even in Croatia. It's the perfect place to hang out and chat about your wedding to find the perfect photographer, videographer, caterer, cake maker or pretty much anything wedding related. It's great because Maria and the Cwtch girls put the emphasise on it being relaxed and only pick suppliers that tie in with that ethos. It's a great family day out as well. Wedding fares don't have to be lame come and see me at the next one in 2018.  

South Wales Wedding Planning tips

Incase you can't watch the video here's what was in it. 

Hey guys hows it going! I'm Chris from Christopher Paul Wedding Photography and Videography and I'm here today to do a short video to tell you three reasons why Cwtch fest is among the few wedding fairs I like to go to. 

Number 1.

Maria and the Cwtch girls curate it and select people that match their style and ethos. There's a huge selection of suppliers but I think they're all similar in that their all in the laid back category.

Number 2.

It's actually a fun day out. Lots of couples and families we saw came out with the kids. There's plenty for them to do, lots of people brought their dogs along as well. Lot's of really cute dogs, it's basically like going out for the day for some family time but also meeting some cool wedding suppliers and ticking of a few of those wedding planning tasks at the same time. 

Number 3

Their unlike 'normal' wedding fairs. When I started wedding photography years ago I went to lots of other wedding fairs. A lot of the other fair organisers don't really care about anything other than how much money they make. Which means you get  lots of different suppliers that are all different styles and quality and it's not advertised well. A lot of other suppliers were really pushy and throwing leaflets in people's faces. I just couldn't stand being thought of as the same. So Cwtch fest is awesome, everyone rocks up, we do out thing and chat to everyone.There's plenty of different suppliers in each category so you can chat to them all, then you can choose the person who you really like and connect with. Check out the other video with some of the highlights with the wedding suppliers that were at last years Cwtchfest and keep posted for info on Cwtchfest 2018 and I shall see you there. Thanks again guys! 

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Chris : )