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Autumn Wedding Photos South Wales

In this post I have some of the:

I freaking love the colours in Autumn! It’s the xmas for wedding photographers. Not to mention one of the best celebrations of the year; Halloween! I love the crisp cold days and blue skies, and if you do too then Autumn could be a wicked time for your wedding. You could go all out on a theme wedding, or go for a natural vibe with the beautiful colours in season.

I had some gorgeous Autumn weddings, two of my faves in particular were Carys and Dave’s and Moose and Harriet’s ( This is just a quick teaser I’ll be putting up another post for each for sure they were amazing !)

Carys and Dave had their big day at one of my favourite South Wales wedding venues; the stunning Canada Lake and Lodge . Funny story I always take a spare change of clothes in case I fall on loose ground and roll down a muddy bank like a ninja crossing a tough mudder line ( which did not happen at all, but kinda totally did lol). Bringing spare-everything and having plan b , through plan z is all part of being a wedding photographer.

The Bride and Groom at their Canada Lake and Lodge Wedding Ceremony

It was a cosy day at the Lodge and even though it had rained a little we still managed to get out and get some cool photos. They had loads of retro games which was rad, everyone got stuck in with all the nostalgic classics like Donkey Kong and Outrun. Reminds me of hitting up the arcades with my dad when I was tiny - #barrybados !

Canada Lake and Lodge is a beautiful South Wales Wedding Venue

Retro games for your wedding, an awesome idea - Crushing it on street fighter

The Bride and Groom taking a moment to enjoy being married before the party begins.


A laid back groom getting ready

Moose is an old friend of mine, he and Harriet had a beautiful DIY wedding at Portherry park with a celebrant leading the ceremony and binding of the hands, it was so interesting. Fun fact - my Mum is actually now a celebrant, I’m hoping to do some cool blog posts with her in the new year. I was stoked about the sparklers at the end. I’ll be putting the big post about that up soon too so follow me on instagram and facebook to get news of when it goes up.

My first Porthkerry Park Wedding Ceremony, I loved it

A perfect way to end your wedding day, with sparklers

A perfect way to end your wedding day, with sparklers

As you can probably tell, I’m all about being myself and hanging out with awesome couples so that you get to have photos you actually want and you won’t feel like you have a ‘wedding photographer’ with you. All packages come with a free engagement shoot and it’s a perfect way for us to goof around and grab some beers, coffee or cocktails ( or if it’s wild af all three! ).

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